Ghost in the middle


Ghost in the middle


Autumn leaves and a gentle breeze

Bring more than a kind warning

To all who know there is

Nothing worth hiding.


The slave to cruel time,

The child with unwanted burden,

The woman of constant sorrow,

The overseer of the dead and dying,

And the enlightened know this.

Holding their lantern high,

They endlessly search for the

Consuming fire that can light

their steps in the void.


In the quest for something better,

the quest for fulfillment and


We find there are always two paths

Before us, and we must decide

In timeless light.


And there in the middle is

The ghost of chance,

A reminder of the life around us.

Whatever the choice we make,

It is then written in the scars

And is our first goodbye.


Sleeping on the edge of the universe,

We wake gratefully beneath

The unfolding sky,

And watch those who write their truth

while we live ours.


Passing the promise to the children

On this side of the wind,

We give our pain meaning.

And If anything,

We pray for a lesson learned.


Aaron Cornett



5 thoughts on “Ghost in the middle

  1. Mary Batson says:

    Beautiful – happy to come across your writings ~~

  2. Uncle Tree says:

    Very good job with this theme, Aaron! 🙂
    Nice to meet you! Peace and luvz,
    Uncle Tree (Keith Alan Watson)

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