Man’s last hour


Asleep in the light, we wake to a

Familiar world with a torn sky.

Our excess is common, our lives

Wasted at the expense of so many.


We are bombarded with information,

None of which we will ever care for.

We are ghosts in restless cities of

Vicious decay and violent ruin.


Our meager prophets continue to lie

With accountability dead and gone

Our fortune and wealth have turned

As we start to reap what we sow


We worship celebrity stupidity

Indifferent to violent images,

Careless about our country,

And shrug off the notion of war


We give in to convenient ideology

And relish our filth and ignorance

Truth and consequence become victims

to accepted political corruption


The vote and voice no longer matter

As victory and power keeps giving us                                                                         

A fetid justice of hell and damnation

With the wild mob mentality.


The constant war, a constant

Political war that must be won

Everyone’s guilty but the wealthy

In the hazy fog of legality.


Our truth is a fading concept

And a myth formed not so long ago.

Our minds are dull and frayed

As we give up fighting human decay


Our existence is chaotic

And madness steals the light.

We continue the poisonous feed

Into our bodies, our minds, our children.


We are sinful, prideful,

Shameful, and lazy.

We are liars, we are guilty,

pathetic and failures.


We are responsible

We are wrong

We are the ones

Riding carelessly towards


The edge of oblivion,

Riding away from the

Senseless killings and

Aborted deaths.


Riding away from the

Dead and dying planet,

Screaming for one last buzz.


Riding away, so far away

From the chaos and confusion

We made.


Riding over the edge,

Falling over the edge,

Giving in to the darkness

Giving in to a quiet inevitability      

Of a silent but violent ending.


Not a bang but a whimper

No fanfare but frustrated sadness

No one left to blame


We hit rock bottom, knowing

We have been dead

for a long time.


Aaron Cornett

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