The Dreamer’s Journey II: Sacred Beach

I walk the sands of an ancient wish,

Keeping the softness close to my heart

As the salted spray rests gently

Across my body.

I walk in the presence of my God,

My creator, my reason for dreaming.

I walk the steps of Enoch


The countless stars continue

Spinning over me, dancing along

Their ancient and celestial paths.

I feel a deep peace and know

The kind pleasure of acceptance.


I am adrift on the mind’s farthest shore,

A place were time and chance

Have no meaning.

A place were pain and hurt

Have no hold.


The waves are in rhythm with

The quiet echoes of lost loves

And forgotten dreams.

They come to this shore

From a far place of deep solitude

That mirrors the starry void above.


I sit beside a fire that gives

More light than warmth, saying nothing

of my sorrow and fear of standing still.

In a moment I will move on

For I cannot linger  where

The heart stops.


Looking back across the far shoreline,

Back across the many steps taken,

I see the monuments of the

Forgotten and the fallen.

I passed through without notice,

For so many are of my own making.


Looking forward across the other side,

The empty stretch of oblivion waits,

glowing in the moonlight and

tugging at my consciousness.

Soon I will be in harmony

With all things, and I will

Ascend with promise.


            Aaron Cornett

4 thoughts on “The Dreamer’s Journey II: Sacred Beach

  1. iShank says:

    This is phenomenal!

  2. aaroncornett says:

    If you are on facebook, I have a writing group called “Permanent Travelers”, just look for aaroncornett!

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